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wine Yingying Pitt looked inside the mouth can not help ‘plump’ soon swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Murong see another burst of stars scoff: ‘!! I did not expect was a drunkard, our family really more ah old drunkard is less is more.’ ‘Why did the master came up with such a good wine? In its lure, not a drunkard can not think. You know, I is not as good in this ah! Since the first drink it, I can not it forget it.
cheap ugg sale Every time I see it seems like the drug addict to see! ‘Liang Dacheng joking. Before he finished, Murong stars suddenly stretched out his left hand, thumb and forefinger in a circle, in a storm knocked his head Liangtai Cheng Li, Xiao Ma said: ‘Do not laughing at this guarding, people come in immediately fall upon them, then immediately treatments. Be sure not to miss a hidden, otherwise it will be a recipe for disaster. ‘ ‘Yes, Master! I will guard the good that hurdle, there is this monkey wine, I can fineGod yet? If more, the better! ‘Liang Dacheng both like the guarantee,cheap ugg ultimate boots, but also took the opportunity to beg for monkeys wine, although he knew very slim chance, but still would rather kill ten kilo, can not miss a rare opportunity. Murong stars Leng Heng, said: ‘! Well, you do not face dead lazy, I want to fight the idea of ​​monkeys wine, the doors are not you be careful, I’m gone!!’ After saying that,
cheap uggs people disappear. ‘No justice! Master how so stingy it? Is not it a little monkey wine? But, it really is a good thing ah!’ See Murong stars so gone, Liang Dacheng help but whispered complained. When he suddenly comes monkeys wine, could no longer hold, and immediately open the tall bottle on the bottle, an upward, ‘Gululu’ drink a joy. Then Dayton next bottle of wine called belch, looking a bit lower down some of the bottles, sighed and said:!!! ‘Oh really do not drink ah
cheap ugg through a small mouth to drink nearly half a catty of practice since I did not expect drinker actually increased so much, had to be drunk on half a catty waited a long time, and now the monkeys can drink wine once a jinrelated post:

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